The Rosella Gallery Near Seattle

Discover a non-traditional art gallery with your first visit to The Rosella Gallery near Seattle. We are not your average art gallery!  You’ll find a unique collection of sculptures and artwork that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our focus is on urban and graffiti art to help this genre be properly displayed and remembered.

Discover why we started the gallery below and why so many art collectors turn to us for that one-of-a-kind piece they are after:

Why Graffiti Art?

The urban art category is the only type of art that truly started here in America. It was dated back to the 1970s where a lot of unrest and frustration was developing in the inner cities. Because of this, teenagers would paint their names or art pieces on train cars and walls, hoping that those in the future would remember they did exist. That is exactly why The Rosella was started. We want to give these artists a place to share their inspiration and creation with others that won’t disappear.

What We Do

We commission unique pieces from artists all over the country that create urban art. This may be in the form of a sculpture, painting, or other creation. We believe in supporting each artist as a portion of the proceeds goes right back to them. Our dream is to continue to receive residual income for as long as their pieces speak to the world.

Learn More About Our Artwork, Artists, Art Shows & Art Events Near Seattle

Visit The Rosella Gallery today if you’re interested in unique pieces, sculptures, or simply viewing urban art. You can call our office at (425) 470-6145 to find out more about our art shows, gallery openings, and the pieces that are limited editions.