The Rosella Explains the Purpose and Passion Behind Urban Art

The Rosella Explains the Purpose and Passion Behind Urban Art

The Rosella Explains the Purpose and Passion Behind Urban Art

Cities are melting pots of culture. You can walk down the street in a city, past apartments at dinner time, and smell dozens of homecooked meals, all cooked with love and imbued with culture. The same can be said for urban artworks. You can walk down city sidewalks and see bright splashes of color swiped across side buildings, all a testament to the mixed cultures of an urban atmosphere.

The Rosella strives to capture those bold proclamations of culture on canvas.

In some cases, we find urban artists for specific requests of custom artworks. In other cases, we ask for select artworks from their collections to display in changing galleries. Both display methods allow urban artists to garner the appreciation and admiration they deserve while also conveying their culture through the artwork they love to create.

The Rosella is a Safe Space of Urban Artists

Urban artwork is a combination of graffiti and street artwork. It’s the kind of thought-provoking artwork that you might see embellishing the side of a brick wall in San Francisco. Or it could be painted on the side of a subway train in New York City.

Not everyone considers urban artworks a true form of art and expression. However, we at The Rosella embrace the culture and emotion that flows through urban artistry. Our gallery is a safe space for urban artists. We want to showcase and highlight the beauty and reality in their urban experiences.

Invest in an Urban Artist!

Some of the paintings and urban art in The Rosella Gallery are for sale. Your investment goes towards helping an urban artist feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Plus, you’ll get a fantastic, often custom addition to your collection of home artwork.

For more information about The Rosella, contact us at (425) 470-6145.