The Rosella Encourages You to Show Passion and Support of Local Artists and Urban Artworks

The Rosella Encourages You to Show Passion and Support of Local Artists and Urban Artworks

At The Rosella, one of our aims is to help local artists find the support and appreciation they deserve from a community of art lovers and peers. Through engagement and support of local artists and their artworks, we believe that you can better encourage and foster a love and passion for art in your city. Sometimes it may feel like a love for art and creativity is dying out, especially with the events of the world around us, but coming together in support of your city’s artists is the first step towards reigniting the creative flame in others.

Social media is a powerful tool that could forward appreciation for local artists and urban artworks. Through simple likes, upvotes, shares, and commentary of your favorite artworks, you can encourage others to take an interest. Then those people will share their favorites, and so on in a chain of passion and creativity.

It may not always be possible to see urban artworks in person, so virtual support is the next best way to show support and appreciation for local creatives. Is your Facebook feed overwhelmed with bad news? Does Instagram make you sad with commercial ads? Improve what you and others see with art that makes you feel positive. Share images, links, and stories about The Rosella’s collections that have sparked good vibes within yourself.

What Can You Expect from the Rosella Gallery?

Our gallery is a unique experience unlike any that you’ve seen in other art galleries anywhere. In some cases, we’ve commissioned top-tiered artists to recreate their urban artworks, while others have created artworks specifically for exclusive display in The Rosella.

What can you expect? Emotions! Colors! Provocative imagery showcases an artist’s talents, creative flow, and imagination. We tell stories and share artist experiences through their artworks and exhibitions!

Enticed? Give us a call at (425) 470-6145 to learn about our upcoming events and exhibitions. We are proud to show our support of local artists!