Limited Art Pieces for Sale Near Kenmore

Purchasing art for your business or home can be frustrating when you’re not finding the unique piece you want. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind addition, then The Rosella is where you want to be. This is not your average art gallery, and we began to support our urban artists. We offer limited art pieces for sale near Kenmore to help collectors find that unicorn of a sculpture or painting that they are after.

Why Urban Art?

Urban art is the only form that began right here in the U.S.A. It started in New York around the 1970s when there was a lot of unrest and frustration in the culture. Teenagers began to paint subway or train cars and walls to express their feelings. It has quickly developed into a unique art form that has been supported by urban and hip-hop music. Our goal is to make sure that this type of art doesn’t just continue to disappear along the streets in the inner city.

Limited Pieces

We commission the artist to create their urban art on canvas, sculptures, and certain works commissioned just for the gallery. This guarantees you’ll have a unique piece no matter which artist speaks to you. We offer a minimal print option on some of our pieces and limited times on others.

If you’re interested in discussing our limited art pieces for sale near Kenmore, be sure to reach out today at (425) 470-6145. We look forward to discussing your needs with you and finding the perfect addition to your collection. See why so many love the art we have on display for sale and why they add to their collection multiple times!