Graffiti Artwork For Sale Near Duvall

Whether you’ve been able to see graffiti in person or you’ve seen it on a television show, this type of art is unique in that has its origins in the US. It dates back to the early 1970s, a very volatile climate and unrest in the urban cities. Teens would paint their names on trains, walls, alleys, wherever they could in hopes that they would one day be remembered. That is just the beginning of why The Rosella chooses to offer graffiti artwork for sale near Duvall.

Not Your Average Gallery!

This art gallery is not the typical gallery you’re used to. Our goal is to get these artists and their unique designs out into the world where they can truly be remembered. Graffiti art on walls tends to be worn down or even replaced with something much less inspiring. That’s why we strive to give these amazing artists a way to create their art in a form that can last for years to come.


This type of art is not to be looked at as a troubling or frustrating issue. This unique art form gives those dealing with frustration a unique outlet to share their feelings and thoughts. Graffiti art speaks to many generations helping to bridge gaps between those who feel frustrated or in a state of unrest.

This is exactly why we feel it should be kept around and displayed so that it will not be removed or lost. Our art for sale helps to do just that.

If you’re interested in graffiti artwork for sale near Duvall, be sure to reach out to The Rosella today. We would be delighted to speak with you about what you’re looking for, show you the options we have, or have a unique piece created for you. Give our office a call at (425) 470-6145 to discuss your desires for new art pieces outside the lines.