Contact The Rosella to Learn More About Our Unique Urban Art Pieces for Sale!

Contact The Rosella to Learn More About Our Unique Urban Art Pieces for Sale!

Have you ever looked at an amazing artwork and envisioned it in your living room? Art is a conversation piece. It evokes emotions and moves onlookers to passionate discussions. At The Rosella, we commission some of the world’s most talented artists, asking them to create innovative urban art pieces for sale and display.

When you walk through The Rosella gallery, you get an immersive, emotive experience. One that may move you to envision our urban artworks in your home. Many of our unique pieces are for sale, but most are one of a kind. This means that you should take the opportunity and jump on the chance to own what you love because once it’s gone from our gallery, an original may be unattainable again.

Urban artwork has been described as street drawings or graffiti in the past. It would often be the kind of splashes of color and bold art that you’d see on the side of brick buildings or in a subway station. No less emotive, but somewhere for everyone to see and enjoy. However, not everyone appreciates the work of an urban artist in the wild, so we’ve brought many urban artworks to The Rosella Gallery.

Where Do We Find Our Urban Artists for Displays?

We search everywhere for uniquity because urban artistry and talent can be found anywhere in the world. Many of our pieces are specifically commissioned to reside in The Rosella, which means we have exclusive looks at some of an artist’s most evocative, expressive artworks.

See What the Hype Is About for Urban Artists at The Rosella!

At The Rosella, we want you to get to know urban artists on intimate, emotional levels. For the collectors, we have an ever-changing collection of urban art pieces for sale. To get more information about our artists, artworks, and gallery schedules, please contact us at (425) 470-6145.