Where to Buy Artwork that Jives with Your Home’s Interior Décor

Where to Buy Artwork that Jives with Your Home’s Interior Décor

One of the biggest perks of being both an art lover and homeowner is the opportunity to incorporate your love of one with your love for another. When it comes to your home’s interior décor, using colors and artwork that makes you feel relaxed and happy are paramount to a zen living space. But where can you buy artwork that jives with your home’s interior designs?

Sometimes you can love a piece of art and still not want it to go inside your home. Your home has a theme – an interior design that follows a pattern and color scheme. At The Rosella, we understand the importance of getting artwork that flows well with your home’s interior décor. The question is – which painting or mixed media artwork from our collection would you like to take home for display?

At The Rosella, we have a wide range of artworks, both from local and worldwide artists, with a uniqueness that shines through in their art. Each artist pours themselves into their works, and we’ve commissioned quite a few artists for original art that you’ll see on display in our galleries. Most of what you see is for sale, so don’t hesitate to picture your favorite artwork in your home.

What Makes Good Artwork?

The definition of good artwork is subjective from one person to another. Good artwork is defined by how it makes you feel and how you view it. If you believe something is good artwork, then it is. Artists like the famous Duchamp of the Dada Movement have proven that you can turn anything into artwork, and people will either love it for what it is or despise it because it’s not something they consider artwork.

Come see us at The Rosella for more information about how to buy artwork that jives with your home’s interior design. You can also call us at (425) 470-6145. We are here to help you navigate our collections!

A City Art Gallery Experience to Last a Lifetime

Have you ever been to a Snohomish art gallery where every artwork made you stop and stare? Where over half of the artworks had some kind of emotional impact on you? It’s rare to find somewhere packed with so much creative magic, but we at The Rosella are that place. We fill our walls and exhibits with beautiful, often-commissioned artworks that speak to your soul and engage your mind. We want to touch your heart. We want you to go home excited and tell your partner, friends, and family all about the kinds of fantastic art that you’ve seen. While there is no shortage of art galleries and museums in most cities, there are few quite like The Rosella. And even fewer that leave you with a lasting emotional impact like we do.

At The Rosella, we thrive on uniqueness, which is why most of our artwork collections are commissioned. There’s nothing else like them in the world because we’ve asked the artists directly to give us artworks they’ve never given anyone else. Plus, our artwork comes from everywhere. We support local artists as much as we admire worldly artists, and many of our latest collections’ artists can be found and supported here in Snohomish.

Are Children Welcomed at The Rosella?

We at The Rosella believe that art appreciation begins from a young age, so we encourage art lovers to bring their families. However, you know when your child is old enough and mature enough to behave with respect in a museum or art gallery setting. Therefore, it’s up to you to make the right decision based on your belief about how they will act. If your kids are often rowdy and raucous, please keep them home until you feel they are ready for an art gallery or museum experience.

You can call The Rosella at (425) 470-6145 to learn more about the Snohomish art gallery and the artworks therein!

What Makes an Urban Artist Right for Display in The Rosella Gallery?

What Makes an Urban Artist Right for Display in The Rosella Gallery?

What is an isn’t art is subjective. Anything you can imagine, see, and feel has the potential to be artwork because it’s moving and emotive. Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” He was a huge advocate for the “everything can be art” movement, and we at The Rosella agree with him. However, for now, our focus is predominantly on urban artists and artworks.

Another artist, Jerzy Kosinski, has said, “The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” At The Rosella, we want our featured urban artists to evoke strong emotions within your psyche. We want you to leave feeling moved, and emotional like the artist reached out and touched your heart with their fingertips. Our pieces are evocative and emotive in different ways, just as each of our urban artists is hand-selected for their unique talents.

When choosing an urban artist for a feature at The Rosella, we look at the artwork they’ve created to this point. Many of our gallery collections are commissioned, so we strive for innovative, one-of-a-kind urban art made specifically for display at The Rosella. This means that when you choose to invest in one of our pieces for sale, you are investing in the artist’s uniqueness.

What Does It Take to Become an Urban Artist Featured at The Rosella?

At The Rosella, we firmly believe that “creativity takes courage.” This is something Henri Matisse once said about his artwork. Our featured urban artists are courageous and emotionally raw in their approaches to urban artwork for our gallery displays.

Contact The Rosella to Learn More!

To learn more about our urban artists and artworks, please get in touch with The Rosella at (425) 470-6145. We look forward to giving you an emotive art experience that will touch your heart and change you.

Contact The Rosella to Learn More About Our Unique Urban Art Pieces for Sale!

Have you ever looked at an amazing artwork and envisioned it in your living room? Art is a conversation piece. It evokes emotions and moves onlookers to passionate discussions. At The Rosella, we commission some of the world’s most talented artists, asking them to create innovative urban art pieces for sale and display.

When you walk through The Rosella gallery, you get an immersive, emotive experience. One that may move you to envision our urban artworks in your home. Many of our unique pieces are for sale, but most are one of a kind. This means that you should take the opportunity and jump on the chance to own what you love because once it’s gone from our gallery, an original may be unattainable again.

Urban artwork has been described as street drawings or graffiti in the past. It would often be the kind of splashes of color and bold art that you’d see on the side of brick buildings or in a subway station. No less emotive, but somewhere for everyone to see and enjoy. However, not everyone appreciates the work of an urban artist in the wild, so we’ve brought many urban artworks to The Rosella Gallery.

Where Do We Find Our Urban Artists for Displays?

We search everywhere for uniquity because urban artistry and talent can be found anywhere in the world. Many of our pieces are specifically commissioned to reside in The Rosella, which means we have exclusive looks at some of an artist’s most evocative, expressive artworks.

See What the Hype Is About for Urban Artists at The Rosella!

At The Rosella, we want you to get to know urban artists on intimate, emotional levels. For the collectors, we have an ever-changing collection of urban art pieces for sale. To get more information about our artists, artworks, and gallery schedules, please contact us at (425) 470-6145.

How Does the Rosella Differ from Other Art Galleries Near King County?

How Does the Rosella Differ from Other Art Galleries Near King County?

Washington State has a flourishing arts scene, most predominantly focused on classic artworks, such as masterpieces of Van Gogh and Da Vinci. While all beautiful in their own ways, the museums can seem similar in their displays, especially when the artworks are from the same time periods and artists. The Rosella is different from other art galleries because we focus on modern urban artists and expressive displays relevant to different cultures in today’s world.

The Rosella boasts dozens of custom works, many specifically commissioned for display in our galleries. You can buy one-of-a-kind pieces, sometimes converse with the artists, and see urban art from a new perspective. We strive to showcase our chosen artists’ experience and creative prowess, many of whom are familiar with city life.

When you think “urban,” the term might conjure graffiti on brick walls and logos on subway station pillars. However, our artists take the passion and boldness of street art and put it on canvas. They share their love of city life through different mediums, such as acrylic paints, oil paints, and charcoal pastels.

The Rosella Offers a Unique Viewing Experience!

When you visit The Rosella, you won’t be rushed. We encourage you to stand and really see the paintings. Draw your own conclusions about the artists and their subject matters. When you leave, we want to hear all about your experience, and we hope that it’s a positive one.

Live and Love Through Our Urban Artists!

We at The Rosella hope to inspire you. If you are an artist yourself, we hope you find motivation and a muse in viewing our gallery collection. If you are simply an art lover, we encourage you to reach out and learn more about our urban artists.

For more information about The Rosella and our ever-changing urban art gallery, give us a call at (425) 470-6145.

The Rosella Explains the Purpose and Passion Behind Urban Art

The Rosella Explains the Purpose and Passion Behind Urban Art

Cities are melting pots of culture. You can walk down the street in a city, past apartments at dinner time, and smell dozens of homecooked meals, all cooked with love and imbued with culture. The same can be said for urban artworks. You can walk down city sidewalks and see bright splashes of color swiped across side buildings, all a testament to the mixed cultures of an urban atmosphere.

The Rosella strives to capture those bold proclamations of culture on canvas.

In some cases, we find urban artists for specific requests of custom artworks. In other cases, we ask for select artworks from their collections to display in changing galleries. Both display methods allow urban artists to garner the appreciation and admiration they deserve while also conveying their culture through the artwork they love to create.

The Rosella is a Safe Space of Urban Artists

Urban artwork is a combination of graffiti and street artwork. It’s the kind of thought-provoking artwork that you might see embellishing the side of a brick wall in San Francisco. Or it could be painted on the side of a subway train in New York City.

Not everyone considers urban artworks a true form of art and expression. However, we at The Rosella embrace the culture and emotion that flows through urban artistry. Our gallery is a safe space for urban artists. We want to showcase and highlight the beauty and reality in their urban experiences.

Invest in an Urban Artist!

Some of the paintings and urban art in The Rosella Gallery are for sale. Your investment goes towards helping an urban artist feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Plus, you’ll get a fantastic, often custom addition to your collection of home artwork.

For more information about The Rosella, contact us at (425) 470-6145.

How Does the Rosella Pick Featured Artists for Their Urban Art Exhibits?


How Does the Rosella Pick Featured Artists for Their Urban Art Exhibits?

How often do you go to an art gallery and are moved to tears? How often do you feel awe, elation, sadness, anger, or joy while you peruse an art collection? We at The Rosella Gallery believe that art should be provocative of emotions, which is why our featured artists are often commissioned for specific exhibits in our gallery.

The Rosella Gallery wants you to stand in front of a piece of artwork and feel it move your soul. We want to see the emotions pass over your face, then hear you gasp because what you see is so beautiful, raw, and real. That’s the kind of experience we offer, so our featured artists are carefully handpicked to provide art lovers with inspirational urban art exhibits.

Choosing artists and their artworks become both a rewarding and extensive process. We have to examine an artist’s creative process and prowess to ensure they are right for our gallery. For us, we want to see what they can do, so we often ask for artworks that showcase the depth of both their artistic mind and their talents.

Do Featured Artists at the Rosella Gallery Have Art Degrees?

Some do, some don’t. We don’t discriminate based on formal education. We want to showcase the passion and creative process behind an artist’s works. If an ar if has an art degree, we don’t base our featured decisions on their educational accomplishments.

To be featured in our artist collection, artists’ works have to be emotive and unique. We want to show the world a different view of urban artworks.

Contact The Rosella for Info on Featured Artists!

You can always call us at The Rosella for updates on featured artists and exhibits. Our number is (425) 470-6145. We look forward to sharing our love of art with you!

Where Can You Find an Art Show that Displays Urban Artworks in Creative Exhibits? Head to The Rosella!

Where Can You Find an Art Show that Displays Urban Artworks in Creative Exhibits? Head to The Rosella!

To us at The Rosella Gallery, creative people beget creative people. This means that art lovers and appreciators are as much inspiration and muse for artists – and those artists are for art lovers. Without passionate feedback for their artworks, most artists feel unenthused about their creative process. At The Rosella Gallery, we aim to inspire everyone with art shows that display urban artworks, often commissioned for specific exhibits.

Our collections span combined decades, as we appreciate artworks from a variety of artists, cultures, and timelines. The pieces are often finite and unique, with special editions available to buy in minimal prints and even more so limited originals that are once in a lifetime.

The Rosella Gallery began as a showcase for urban artworks, specifically from The Dogtown Collection. It started as a highlight for urban artworks; the kind of artwork that you would typically see painted on the bricks of businesses in inner cities. Where some people might see a grand mess or mish-mosh, we see beauty, and our artists use a wide range of creative mediums to express their urban influences.

Is Everything from The Rosella Gallery Inspired by Graffiti?

No, not everything The Rosella offers was inspired by graffiti or urban artistry. We appreciate and admire artists and artworks from around the world, so our collections change. One thing we promise is originality. We aren’t your typical art gallery, so there’s no doubt that we have a variety of artworks that you’ve likely never seen before.

Discover New Artists and Appreciate Their Stories!

At The Rosella Gallery, our art shows are planned around the stories of our artists. They spill their minds onto the canvas, and we highlight their creative process in exhibits that are ever-changing and provocative. For more information about what we do, our artists, and our exhibits, call us at (425) 470-6145.

Urban Artwork for Sale by Talented City Artists from Around the World

Urban Artwork for Sale by Talented City Artists from Around the World

The best artworks evoke intense emotions, especially positive emotions, like happiness, joy, and awe. Talented artists should inspire you with their works. They should make you feel from the depths of your heart, which is all the more reason to begin a small collection of your favorites. Sometimes you need creative flow in your home, and that’s where The Rosella comes in handy with urban artwork for sale from talented artists from around the world.

Our galleries are ever-changing and always evocative of emotions. We strive to find urban artwork that speaks volumes about several topics, from the artists themselves to where they grew up, how they view the world, and their culture. Some of the collections feature existing urban artworks, while others have been commissioned specifically for The Rosella. You could own a one-of-a-kind original masterpiece from one of the world’s most talented, inspirational artists.

What Mediums Do Artists Use for The Rosella Collections?

We at The Rosella want to showcase an artist’s unique creativity, so we don’t place restrictions on creative flow or specific mediums. Some of our artists use acrylics and oil paints, while others are more drawn to charcoals, graphite, or pastels & even spray paint. Others use a mash-up of mediums to add texture and complexity to their artworks.

In short, the mediums are chosen by the artist. We showcase and highlight their works in our gallery collections. If you want to request a specific commission with a specified medium, we can give you more information to contact the artist.

You can learn more about the artists we showcase by visiting The Rosella, stopping by our website, or calling at (425) 470-6145. Be sure to check out our emotive, evocative urban artwork for sale to add to your own personal collection.

How Does Custom Graffiti Artwork Speak to You?

How Does Custom Graffiti Artwork Speak to You?

Have you ever walked through the city to look at the graffiti painted across the brick walls in alleyways and on the sides of buildings? It’s a moving experience for an artist and art lovers. While some people don’t put much thought into tagging a building with spray paints, others use their creative flow to compose a symphony of colors to inspire the city. At The Rosella, we support those inspirational urban artists with commissioned collections of custom graffiti artwork. We want to showcase their creativity and uniqueness to the public in ways that foster a passion for art and bring new appreciation to graffiti as an art form.

Did you know that cave painting is considered the earliest form of graffiti? They told stories in illustrations that often told of the hardships and events of the lives of the artists. That was well over 30,000 years ago. And while artists (usually) don’t paint with berries and crude sticks anymore, there’s still the driving desire to tell stories for communities through artwork. That’s the kind of passion and uniqueness we hope to highlight and encourage at The Rosella.

Is Graffiti an Art Form?

There have been decades of debate on whether graffiti is art or vandalism. Truth be told, it can be both. Intention matters. The graffiti artworks that we commission have purpose and creative intention, making them an innate art form because that’s what the artist intended. Every bold swipe of color, every word, and image has an evocative message.

As an art form, graffiti often draws inspiration from some of the world’s most well-known contemporary art movements. Influences like surrealism, abstract expressionism, and pop art are often prevalent in artists’ unique graffiti stylings.

The Rosella aims to help artists and art lovers alike through appreciation and encouragement. We want to inspire and motivate. For more information about what we do, who we are, and our collections of custom graffiti artwork, give us a call at (425) 470-6145.