Hypnotiq Design

Born and raised in Persia, Arian’s childhood was plagued with deafening sirens of war. Persistent dangers of explosions from enemy forces created a constant need for relocating to safer facilities until his parents decided to uproot from their home country and seek refuge in an environment where they could raise their boys away from the hazards of combat. Moving to America meant starting from scratch but the desire to provide their family with a future was worth the risk. Arian converted to Christianity after witnessing the miracle of his wheelchair bound father walking freely after a crippling car wreck from 20 years prior. This transformation sparked an interest in Arian’s heart to produce brightly colored artwork to inspire happiness in those who came in contact with his creations. The explosive paint splash art reflects the fear, danger, and political abuse he and his family endured through his childhood. Arian is a modern
street pop artist and applies his unique style in sculpture, wall art and modern living using mixed media. Arian has been creating sculptures using epoxy resin, mix media and incorporating various paint techniques. Arian has been collaborating with world renowned DJs such as Steve Aoki and Boris Brejcha to design sculptures for the music industry, Pokémon fans and gaming enthusiasts. Arian has also collaborated with Steve Aoki in creating one of a kind modern figurines for the Aoki CardHouse Show.