Art Shows Near Enumclaw

Are you looking to experience an art show near Enumclaw as you’ve never experienced before? Have you wanted to get unique pieces for your home or business, but you just haven’t found them yet? Then consider The Rosella! We are not your average art gallery! Our pieces are all unique and non-traditional created by urban artists around the country. We want to showcase these unusual pieces that help communicate to various people throughout society.

Urban and Graffiti Displays

When opening the gallery, one of our goals was to support and preserve the art created by urban artists around the country. Urban art and graffiti have their beginnings in the US, and it is the only type of art that can boast that.

These unique pieces tell a story that is significant to the artist. Getting its start in the ’70s, this art form developed due to teenagers living in unrest and feeling frustrated with the way the world was working at the time. It has continued to be a huge art form for many. However, most pieces are done on alley walls, subways, or even bridges that will disappear and be covered up. That’s why we opened the gallery. These pieces deserve to be seen!

Art Shows

We have a variety of art shows scheduled throughout the year to feature different artists and their collections. You can come to all or some of them depending on your preferences. Our team is here to help you find the right piece to fit any design you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a unique art show near Enumclaw, look no further than The Rosella. Call us today at (425) 470-6145 to learn about our upcoming artist shows, events and specials.