About The Rosella

The Rosella is a unique gallery experience. What began as an opportunity to showcase “The Dogtown Collection”, one of the largest urban art and graffiti collections in the world, has grown into a full scale gallery featuring many of the country’s top artists. This collection was built over years.

Searching for what we felt was some of the greatest Art in the world, by some of the most talents artists of their time that the average person would never get a chance to appreciate. These phantoms recreated their works from the inner city alley walls and trains and onto canvas. The Rosella prides itself in finding the top talent and up and coming artists in this edgy and emerging genre. Our tag line “This is not your average gallery” speaks also to our mission. Our goal is to offer amazing, one of a kind, artworks by interesting and provocative artists. Artworks with investment up side and the ability to help the artists themselves continue in their journey of expression.

All artwork that is featured from the Dogtown Collection was commissioned at the time of creation from the artist. However the Rosella Gallery will feature select pieces for limited and highly limited edition prints with a portion of the proceeds returning back to the artist. The Rosella Gallery vision is to create an opportunity for the artists to receive residual income from their works for as long as their art speaks to people. We also feature many original works commissioned by the artists themselves.

We look forward to sharing the stories, the people and the color that this journey has brought into our lives. We appreciate your contribution in preserving the only artform with its origins from the inner cities of America and its importance in the world of self-expression.