A City Art Gallery Experience to Last a Lifetime

A City Art Gallery Experience to Last a Lifetime

Have you ever been to a Snohomish art gallery where every artwork made you stop and stare? Where over half of the artworks had some kind of emotional impact on you? It’s rare to find somewhere packed with so much creative magic, but we at The Rosella are that place. We fill our walls and exhibits with beautiful, often-commissioned artworks that speak to your soul and engage your mind. We want to touch your heart. We want you to go home excited and tell your partner, friends, and family all about the kinds of fantastic art that you’ve seen. While there is no shortage of art galleries and museums in most cities, there are few quite like The Rosella. And even fewer that leave you with a lasting emotional impact like we do.

At The Rosella, we thrive on uniqueness, which is why most of our artwork collections are commissioned. There’s nothing else like them in the world because we’ve asked the artists directly to give us artworks they’ve never given anyone else. Plus, our artwork comes from everywhere. We support local artists as much as we admire worldly artists, and many of our latest collections’ artists can be found and supported here in Snohomish.

Are Children Welcomed at The Rosella?

We at The Rosella believe that art appreciation begins from a young age, so we encourage art lovers to bring their families. However, you know when your child is old enough and mature enough to behave with respect in a museum or art gallery setting. Therefore, it’s up to you to make the right decision based on your belief about how they will act. If your kids are often rowdy and raucous, please keep them home until you feel they are ready for an art gallery or museum experience.

You can call The Rosella at (425) 470-6145 to learn more about the Snohomish art gallery and the artworks therein!